5 Reasons you should print a photo book.

In this technological age where your phone and computer have thousands of photos collecting digital dust in a folder that rarely sees the light of day, we would like to give you five great reasons to get your memories printed!

1. Tangible memories are the best memories.

Nothing beats print. Even as technology consumes more and more of our time, you’ll never regret putting the special moments of your life on paper and binding them in a beautiful, quality photo book. It is something you can pick up, feel and page through times that could be forgotten. There is just something special about sitting with a loved one and paging through a book reminiscing on when the kids were little, that one holiday when everyone got sunburnt or that photo shoot everyone got dressed up for.

2. Your photo book will be one of a kind

The Burble software is drag and drop, it’s dead-simple to use but if you do need some help you can check out our helpful youtube video tutorial’s here. The software has tons of templates for you to choose from or create your own. The amount of time and design you put into your album is up to you whether you love clean minimalistic or fun scrapbook style designs your photo book can be whatever you want it to be. No matter what your book is about or who’s in it, it will be completely unique.

3. It’ll make you a better photographer.

As you go through the process of building your book, you’ll get up close and personal with your photos. Think about the images you’ve taken, how you shot it and how it fits into not just your life but within the context of your book, too. All of these things can help you grow as a photographer. Learn from your experiences and make your next book even better!

4. Photo books spark conversations.

Even if load shedding hits, your trusty books will be there for you, ready to be shown off, talked about and cherished. Who can ignore the big, beautiful presence of a book that tells your personal story? Your photo book is a special archive of your personal memories, something you could pass on to younger generations. Display your photo books on your coffee table, They are always a great conversation starter.

5. It’s a luxury you can afford.

Burble’s photo books start from only R255 (that’s the same price as a family meal from your favourite takeaway). The photo books come in various sizes and finishes, there is something for everyone’s style and budget! It may take a little time to get your photo book perfectly designed, captioned and polished but once you have that tangible work of art in your hands you won’t regret it.