Tips to create a Staycation book

Almost every aspect of the world has changed in some way or another due to the Corona virus. With no fly lists, countries going in and out of lockdown and vigorous testing protocols more and more people are opting to explore their own countries instead of taking overseas holidays and what better way to celebrate a mini get away than with a custom photo book?

Quick staycations are great opportunities to create memories with the people you care about the most, these mini breaks are the perfect opportunity to immortalise your memories and what better time to plan than just before the easter long weekend, keep reading for some tips to make your next Burble holiday album that you'll enjoy for years.

1. Create an Introduction page featuring everyone on the holiday

On the first page of your book, add pictures of the important people who joined you and caption them with names and for some extra fun add their roles or fun facts about them.

For example, “Ryan also known as Dad: Driver and undercover DJ. Fun Fact Tomato Fritos turn dad into a snack monster” 

although you know these these people, it is a great way to immortalise your loved ones at this stage in their lives, it also creates a great talking point for anyone who grabs the holiday book off your coffee table.

2. Use Maps, Road signs and Markers

One of my favourite things to do is to outline my journey with an image of my route on a map or to just use plain maps as a full-page backgrounds. 

Take photos of road signs all the way to - or from - your destination and create a page dedicated just to them. but make sure they're in trip order and don’t forget to get out of the car by especially memorable signs and snap pictures with your travel buddies.

3. Add an Itinerary 

Adding an itinerary outlining your activities and places you visited on each day along side your map is a great idea. If you have an itinerary from your trip, simply snap a picture of it! But if you don't, use a text block to type it into your book; the more detail you include, the easier your getaway will be to remember later.

4. Use Creative, Adventurous Fonts

Big, fun fonts can communicate all the big fun you had on a weekend getaway - and they're especially important on the book's cover, which should include the name of your destination. It is always a good idea to include the name of people you are travelling with, if you are travelling as a family use your collective surname or if its a group of friends does your group have a nickname? try and use that for added fun!

For more tips on cover design check out this blog post

5. Use Plenty of Full-Page Imagery

Never be afraid to go big! There is nothing better than turning the page in a Photo book and finding a gorgeous image spread across a double page. This is a great way to show off the beauty of the area you visited, Whether that be a gorgeous sunset, The front of a building or a double page picture of everyone having fun it is always such a beautiful statement. 

6. Record the Finer Details and don’t forget the B-roll

In photography and videography there is a term called B-roll which is additional or alternative footage added in between the main shots.
B-roll is one of the most important aspects of telling a story through pictures as it paints more of the whole picture but it is so often over looked, Along with that stunning photograph of your favourite people in front of a sunset on the beach (for you west coasters) don’t forget to photograph the pile of seashells you collected earlier or the waters edge, a little oceanic creature or some interesting coral, these details may seem insignificant at the time but when creating a collage these are the photos that will transport a reader to your holiday, creating a rich and detailed story.

As you can see in the example below this customer used photos of the cocktails being made, garnish being charred and someone grabbing a lime as their B-roll to add some extra information for their readers.