Can you Hear the Drums?

Can you Hear the Drums? (Catherine Buckle)
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Can you hear the drums is a unique collection of eye witness letters from Zimbabwe documenting the country's journey into lawlessness, turmoil and economic mayhem. Told through the eyes of an ordinary Mum living in a country town, this book is about what really happened in Zimbabwe at the start of the 21st Century. It's not about propaganda, rhetoric or revolutions but about real people: how they survived, endured, adapted and never gave up hope. Sometimes sad or frightening, often absurd and touching, the letters are interspersed with news clips, humour and absurdities that all became coping mechanisms for everyday survival in a country in meltdown.    

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AuthorCatherine Buckle
Book DetailsPaperback / 288 Pages / Black & White Text / White Bond Paper
Size 210 x 148mm
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