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Switch Your Light On (Dominique Manias)
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If you are tired of cutting and pasting the same problems of your past into your predictable future, then you are ready to Switch Your Light On. This is a journey of self discovery that awakens your soul to come into its light so that you can shine brightly as your authentic self, offered through your human experience. By switching your light on in all areas of your life, you will begin to navigate through your life fearlessly, with the intention and confidence that creates extraordinary results.

No matter who you are or where you come from, you can transform your life into everything you have ever wanted. By editing your inherited script that dictates your life, you can break free from your self-limiting beliefs that are attributing to the constant struggles in your life. Balancing and realigning yourself with your true core self, mind, body and emotions, enables you to fully embrace the joy and thrill your life journey has to offer. To attract abundance, you need to tune into the creator within you, by remembering who you really are.

By becoming conscious and focused, you will become the artist of your own life, intentionally sculpting the masterpiece of your dreams. Switch Your Light On enables you to discover who you really are and shares practical ways on how to get into your natural flow to effortlessly manifest your desires. By combining what has been understood for centuries, with what current day leaders in thought now know, the key to your wellbeing is in your hands.

Dominique Manias is a Clinical Psychologist from Durban, South Africa. She obtained her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein. She has a passion for helping people heal their wounds from the past and embrace their fullest potential. She is a counsellor and a mother at heart, who is married with four sons. She consults at psychiatric hospitals and has her own private practice where she treats a variety of clinical pathologies and other stressors.

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