Divine Embrace

Divine Embrace (Francois du Toit)
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THE NEW 444 page, 30 chapter, 2021 REVISION Divine Embrace speaks the language that will awaken us to the most amazing discovery! A Celebration Of The Romance Of The Ages A Unique Collection of Scriptures with Commentary Answering Many Relevant Questions 

The Ideal Study Aid, to go hand in hand with the Mirror Study Bible

The mystery, that was hidden for ages and generations, 

is unveiled within us! 

We are ransomed from our own ignorance 

and from every lie that we believed about ourselves!

This book  celebrates the initiative that God undertook to cancel every possible definition of separation.

Emmanuel is introduced to an indifferent, often hostile humanity,

 as their lover.

 Their sins did not distract from this extravagant love.

Our calendar acknowledges the fact that more than 2000 years ago,

human history was divided into a before and after Christ.

While the vast expanse cannot even begin to measure or define God, 

Their invisible image and likeness 

Is made known in the only possible space 

wherein their being can be fully and accurately be unveiled

human life

God is closer to you than your next breath!

Now, distance is replaced with oneness.

Nothing that you can ever do can make you more God’s, 

and nothing that God can ever do can make him more yours!

The thought of you intrigues your Maker with delight!


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AuthorFrancois du Toit
Book DetailsPaperback / 444 Pages / Black & White Text / White Bond Paper
Size 210 x 148mm
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