Stella's Secret

Stella's Secret (Lydia du Toit)
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Stella's Secret is a journey of a little girl seeking to find God. On her journey she meets wise animals who volunteer to help her. The climax of the story is her encounter with Aunt Jamie, who lifts the lid of Stella's delightful quest.

Here we have a little girl who does what we all do -- she sets out on a quest to find God. She explores the boundaries of her world, asking man and nature for clues. She doesn't find all of God in the expected places, but finally in the place she least expected. And how often it is true, that what we most deeply yearn for turns out to be native to us. Stella's Secret is a simple story with layers of meaning. It is delightful and, almost unnoticed, it slips a potent and validating concept into our hands that we won't likely forget. 

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AuthorLydia du Toit
Book DetailsPaperback / 27 pages / 150gsm Coated Gloss
Size 200 x 200 mm
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